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Thank you for your interest in Becket Keys Church of England School!


Each year we are heavily over-subscribed and so it is important that you think carefully about your back-up options. Attend one of our meetings and Mr Scott-Evans will explain your chances of gaining of a place.

We are also keen to find ways to support you and your Year 6 child/children in your application to join Becket Keys Church of England School. Our aim is to help you to decide whether our distinctive approach is right for your family.

Becket Keys Church of England School offers high quality education in an environment in which every student is known, valued and encouraged to achieve their individual potential. The school’s strong Christian ethos and its unashamedly traditional approach to education are coupled with high expectations of excellent performance and a commitment to fostering a love of learning in our students.

We are heavily over-subscribed with nearly 800 applications each year for our 150 places. So, it is important that you seek advice about making an application and your chances of gaining a place. There is a video specifically about this on the prospective families page and we encourage you to watch it.

We have a number of web pages which will provide prospective parents and students with comprehensive information on the school.

Any updates for further events will be announced here and via our social media on Twitter: @BecketKeys and Facebook: Becket Keys Church of England School.

If you have other queries please email or email