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We are now approaching our first year of GCSE exams. Keep in touch with us here for more exams information.  You can also check our exams notice board in school, next to the medical room just off reception, for exams information and advice.  Your Exams Officer is Miss Liz Dent. If you have any queries about exams, please contact 01277 286626 or email

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 Exam Results

GCSE results will be released on 24th August 2017. You may arrive at the main hall on this date at any time from 10am to 1pm.

If you know in advance that you will not be available to collect your results on this day you can nominate a third party to collect your results for you. This must be advised to the Exams Officer in advance of this date. Identification will be required from the third party for them to collect your results for you.

Any results not collected on 24th August 2017 will be kept by the Exams Officer and stored securely within the school. If you have not made prior arrangement for a third party to pick these up for you please speak to the Exams Officer, or email, to arrange for late collection of these.