As a comprehensive co-educational church school, we are committed to the highest possible standards in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, to valuing the achievements and aspirations and meeting the learning needs of every student.

As an additional dimension we emphasise our two areas of specialism: music and sport. We do this through our curriculum, through extra-curricular activities, and also through the development of and use of local partnerships.

Our music specialism provides a broad and practical curriculum, drawing wherever possible on the expertise of professional musicians, and working towards creating a local Music Education Hub at Becket Keys. We continually look to work with the huge variety of musical groups, bands and orchestras already in Brentwood to further establish the town as an area of excellence.

Working with various peripatetic partners, we provide high quality instrumental and vocal teaching, up-to-date training in all aspects of music technology, opportunities for students to work with professional composers, multiple performance opportunities, and links with the music industry and London-based conservatoires through involvement in education projects and programmes.

Similarly in sport, we play an active role in the Brentwood school sports partnership. Through links with local sports clubs and societies we have established high quality sporting coaching right in the heart of Brentwood using the Becket Keys facilities. Calling upon our own staff to visit and assist our feeder schools, Becket Keys enables children and students of all abilities to engage in high quality sporting activity every week of the year.

Our aim is to equip all of our students to live a balanced, healthy adult life. Physical education in a broad range of sports and fitness activities plays a critical part in achieving this goal, and this provision is made available at all stages of school life. In addition to a wide range of winter and summer physical education opportunities, including individual and team sports, we provide a range of activities, teams and clubs to enable all students to take part in additional sport beyond the taught curriculum.

Inter-form and inter-house competitions throughout the school also give the opportunity for everyone to get involved in sport, and support their form/house. We offer Winter Sports Clubs such as badminton, basketball, cross country, dance, football, gymnastics, cheerleading, handball, hockey, indoor athletics, netball, rugby, table tennis and volleyball. Summer Sports Clubs include athletics, cricket, rounders, tennis, basketball, badminton, swimming, waterpolo and volleyball.