Full Governors' Attendance Record




Apologies Received

3rd September 2019 SCS ASE, JD, IG, CS, Fr.Paul, DB,  Bishop John, Fr. Mark, KL
24th September 2019 FGB JD, ASE, IG, CS, Fr. Paul, DB, Fr. Mark Bishop John, KL
8th October 2019 SCS JD, ASE, Fr.Paul CS, DB
8th October 2019 FWC JD, ASE, Fr.Paul CS, DB
19th November 2019 FBP    
19th November 2019 S&D    
10th December 2019 FGB    
9th January 2020 SCS    
9th January 2020 FWC    
10th March 2020 FBP    
10th March 2020 S&D    
24th March 2020 FGB    
5th May 2020 SCS    
5th May 2020 FWC    
16th June 2020 FBP    
16th June 2020 S&D    
7th July 2020 FGB    

Attendance record of 2018/19

Attendance record of 2017/18

Attendance record of 2016/17


FGB: Full Governing Body

FBP: Finance, Buildings & Premises Committee

FWC: Faith, Worship & Community Committee

SCS: Students, Curriculum & Standards Committee

S&D: Staffing & Development Committee

JD: Jenny Downs

IG: Iain Gunn

Fr. Paul: Father Paul Hamilton

KL: Karen Lynch

CS: Christine Savage

AP: Adam Pope

DB: David Brooks

Bishop John: Bishop John

Fr. Mark: Father Mark North