GCSE Results 2023


Becket Keys Best GCSE Results

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Our 2023 cohort demonstrated excellent character throughout Year 11, and we had exceptionally high expectations of them. They did not let us down!

Today, Becket Keys Church of England School is celebrating yet another set of excellent GCSE results. Overall, attainment is higher than pre-COVID results. Students in the 2023 cohort have achieved the strongest results the school has ever seen with more students entering the Ebacc and passing it convincingly than ever before.

This year a greater number of students than ever before achieved Grades 4-9 in both English and Maths. In addition, a record number of students were entered for and passed the EBACC.

There are a number of individual success stories that result from notably high performance. A third of all grades achieved are 7 or above and one in five students will have opened their envelope to find a Grade 9! This “rare grade” (achieved by only 3% of students nationally in each subject) demonstrates performance above that of the old A*.

Two of our top performing students were Bea Connor with nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8, and Harry Adams with seven Grade 9s, one Grade 8 and two Grade 7s. 

Bea will be staying at Becket Keys to study Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Harry will be staying at Becket Keys to study Chemistry, Mathematics and Geography.

Sam Carey also performed at a similar with eight Grade 9s, one Grade 8 and one Grade 7. Sam will be staying at Becket Keys to study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music and Physics.

Other notable performances came from Callum Etchells (5 Grade 9s), Connie Gibson and Erin Delea (four Grade 9s) and Isabel Slaney and Lowri Cole (three Grade 9s). All of these students are also continuing their studies at Becket Keys.

Greta Rockute had the highest progress of any student in the school.  She achieved one Grade 8, five Grade 7s and 3 Grade 6 grades. Grade 7s and 8s count as equal to or better than an A Grade under the old system which means that Greta gained five Grade A grades. 

Mr Scott-Evans, Headteacher said: “These students have faced a number of challenges over the last few years, but it is a testament to their excellent character to see them achieving so well today.”

Colin Mackinlay, CEO of RET said: “The quality of teaching and the support of parents have ensured that these students have fulfilled their potential. This is another excellent day for Becket Keys.”

Jenny Downs, Chair of Governors said: “Becket Keys Church of England School continues to flourish, and it is a pleasure to see students thriving in their exams. The school is much more than just its exam results. These students have demonstrated resilience and determination throughout their time at Becket Keys.”

Isabel Slaney said: “I could not be happier! Thank you to my amazing music teachers and my incredible art teacher. I am looking forward to next year.”

Callum Etchells said: “Thank you to the teachers for helping me to get the grades that I wanted.”