GCSE Results 2017

Becket Keys celebrates first set of GCSE results

A wonderful end to the beginning!

Becket Keys Church of England School celebrated its first set of GCSEs with its founding students achieving outstanding results. 91% of students gained 9 – 4 in English Language and 82% 9-4 in mathematics. 80% of students achieved both English and mathematics at grade 9-4.

There were a huge number of individual success stories including:

Ryan Gamble

Ryan Gamble (pictured above) who gained 11 GCSEs all at A*/A and equivalent and topped it all off with a 9 in English Language!

William Brown who achieved three grade 8s in English Language, Literature and Mathematics also achieved 7 other GCSEs at A*s and A grade standard.

Seven students in the school gained the new prestigious Grade 9s, namely Daisy Benson, Xanthe Feltwell, Ryan Gamble, Megan Hackett, Bethany Hancox, Joshua Rees and Alex Savage. More individual success stories below. 

10% of the cohort achieved the impressive feat of gaining 8 GCSEs at A*/A grade standard (or equivalent). 21% of all grades awarded were at this level. 

Headteacher, Mr Scott Evans said, “I think this is called ‘the end of the beginning’ - and what a beginning! The hard work and determination of our founding students – and the support of their parents -  has paid off; and we’re very proud. I feel privileged to lead such a dedicated and expert staff; and for all of us to share the expertise of our colleagues in the Russell Education Trust. To lead a Church of England School is very special and our community has been blessed by the prayers of the Diocese and so many Brentwood churches. My only regret is that Bishop John Wraw (pictured below), who dedicated Becket Keys and was a member of our governing body, is not here to see these results. He was a wise and generous man and we miss him very much. I hope that these results and the gratitude of our school might add some small tribute to the many others that have been paid.”

RET CEO, Karen Lynch said “Becket Keys is a wonderful school; and one in which every student and adult is valued as an individual. The care and support offered to each student has borne fruit in these splendid results. This is a brilliant foundation for the school’s new sixth form. We remain deeply grateful for the support of the Church and of Bishop John in particular. May he rest in peace.” 

Chair of Governors, Mrs Jenny Downs added “These are excellent results - and just what Church, RET, governors and parents were aiming for when the school opened in 2012. I want to thank Mr Scott-Evans and his whole staff, as well as RET, for their dedication to the happiness and academic success of our students”

Bishop John Wraw RIP

Bishop John Wraw, true friend of the school, at our Opening Dedication Service in 2012. 

Other individual success stories

All of these students gained the EBacc and took Triple Science. This means that they all have gained top grades in either Spanish and/or Mandarin, History and/or Geography. They also all have a total of at least 11 GCSEs. 

We look forward to welcoming back all of these students to our Sixth Form

Daisy Benson:

9 in English Language, 8 in English Literature, 6 in Mathematics, 5 A*s, 3 As

(Daisy also gained A* in Spanish a year early, in 2016)

William Brown:

Three 8s in English Literature, Language and Mathematics, 3 A*s, 4 As and a B

Toby Deacon:

Three 7s in English Literature, Language and Mathematics, 1 A*, 6As, and a B

Emily Hobbs:

Two 8s in English and Mathematics, a 7 in Literature, 4 A*s, 3 As and a C

Xanthe Feltwell: 

9 in Mathematics, 6 in English Literature, 8 in Language, 5 A*s, 2 As ad 1 B

Bethany Hancox:

9 in Mathematics, 7 in English Literature, 5 in Language, 6 A*s, 1 A and 1 B

James Parker:

8 in Mathematics, 7 in English Language, 6 in Literature, 1 A*, 6 As and 1 B

Oliver Potter:

7 in Mathematics, 7 in English Language, 6 in Literature, 7 As, 1 C

Joshua Rees: 

9 in Mathematics, 7 in English Literature, 5 in Language, 4 A*s, 3 As and 1 C

Luke Payne:

6 in Mathematics, 7 in English Literature, 7 in Language, 6 As, and 2 Bs

Alex Savage:

9 in Mathematics, 6 in English Literature, 6 in Language, 3 A*s, 4 As and 1 B

Lucy Uwins:

7 in Mathematics, 6 in English Literature, 6 in Language, 5 A*s, 2 As and 1 B

Lisa Yeh: 

7 in Mathematics, 5 in English Literature, 6 in Language, 3 A*s, 4 As and 1 B

The following student achieved one of the prestigious Grade 9 awards and 10 GCSEs

Megan Hackett:

Grade 9 in English Language, Grade 8 in English Literature and 6 in Mathematics, 5 other Grade As and 2 Bs.