GCSE Results 2019

Becket Keys Best Ever Results!

Thanks to Carmel Jane Photography for the photos

Today, Becket Keys Church of England School is celebrating another set of excellent GCSE results. For the third year running, the school is delighted to see that results have improved. The school was one of the top ten performing schools in the county last year and expects to be in an improved position this year. 



There are a number of individual success stories that result from notably high performance in the subjects within the English Baccalaureate. One in six students in the school gained at least one of the most prestigious Grade 9s. This new “rare grade” demonstrates performance above that of the old A*.


Millie Double and Lola Webb were the joint highest attaining students in the school with ten Grade 9s and a Grade 8 each. This should place them comfortably within the top few hundred highest performing students in the whole country. Both are looking forward to staying at Becket Keys for their Sixth Form. Millie is studying English, Drama, Maths and Spanish and Lola is studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths.




Andrea Ferranti had the highest progress of any student in the school. Andrea who speaks English as a second language gained two Grade 9s, five Grade 8s, two Grade 7s and three Grade 6s. A Grade 7,8 or 9 count as equal to or better than an A Grade under the old system which means that Andrea got nine Grade As.


Miriam Hall is one of the school’s 25 students who study Chinese Mandarin. Once again, all of the students passed Mandarin, no one has ever failed this language at GCSE or A-Level. 19 of the 25 students got a 7,8 or 9. Miriam got Grade 9s in Mandarin, Mathematics and Biology. She also gained two Grade 8s, four Grade 7s and one Grade 5. She is looking forward to continuing her study of Mandarin in the Sixth Form alongside Biology and Geography.


Jason Yeh gained five Grade 9s in Mathematics, History and in each of the three Sciences. Jason also gained two Grade 8s, one Grade 7 and one Grade 6.


Ella Gibson gained three Grade 9s in Drama, History and Religion & Philosophy, five Grade 8s and three Grade 7s. This would equate to eleven straight As under the old system. Her Grade 9 is one of nine in History at Becket Keys this year. In fact, half of the students who studied History got a 7,8 or 9. Ella is staying at Becket Keys for her Sixth Form and is going to study Economics, Geography and Drama.

Serena Grant joined the school in Year 10 and has worked hard to develop her skills in Music which is a career that particularly interests her. She gained a Grade 9 in this subject alongside a 9 in Religion and Philosophy. Like many students, she prepared for her exams with a prayer each time and she gave glory to God for her results saying: “It is only since I joined Becket Keys that my grades have improved to this level. I want to thank my teachers and all the staff at this school for their help and support”. Serena also gained six Grade 8s, two Grade 7s and a Grade 5. She intends to continue her time at Becket Keys by studying Psychology, Politics and Business.

Louis Stephens considered moving to Brentwood School for his Sixth Form with a swimming scholarship; but he has decided to stay at Becket Keys where he will study Biology, History and PE. Louis was delighted with a Grade 9 in History, which along with six Grade 8s, three Grade 7s and a Grade 6 make him another student with the equivalent to ten straight As under the old system. Louis expressed his thanks and gratitude to all his teachers at Becket Keys.


Mr Scott-Evans, Head Teacher, said, “The school has a growing reputation for academic excellence which has been demonstrated again this year. However, it is the progress that students make here which really makes us proud. For two years our school has shown that students make much better progress here than they do nationally and we are sure that will be the case again with this cohort. Students should be delighted when they open their envelopes and will feel ready for the next stage of their education.”

Jenny Downs, Chair of Governors said: “Once again, we are celebrating the attainment and progress of our students. Staff and students at Becket Keys have worked tirelessly and we are extremely proud of their achievements.”

Colin Mackinlay, CEO of RET said: “Becket Keys goes from strength to strength; the fantastic partnership between school, parents and students that has been consistently strong since opening is central to the fabulous results – I’m delighted for everyone at the school.”