A-Level Exam Results 2020

Becket Keys A-Level Results

Thanks to Ian Davidson for the Photography

A level results day was unlike any other results day experienced before at Becket Keys Church of England School! 

There were almost thirty members of Becket Keys staff in school to welcome students, to give out results and to advise them about next steps in terms of securing university places or apprenticeships.


Mr Scott-Evans said, “It was an exciting and emotional day, but one that the staff of the school did not want students to miss out on. This cohort has missed so much, this was one rite of passage that we were not going to give up on easily! I am incredibly proud of them all and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all today and hearing about the next steps of their educational journey.”

Although students were able to come into school to receive their A level results, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the grades that students received did not come from end of year exams as would normally be the case. Grades have been awarded centrally by examination boards, taking into account Centre Assessed Grades submitted by the school.

Despite the way in which grades have been awarded, it was as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible at Becket Keys in terms of how students received these grades. Social distancing measures were observed, and careful hand hygiene processes followed. Plastic screens separated students from the teachers who gave them the envelope, but the important thing was that students were here with the staff they have known and worked with.


Good weather helped the process as students, parents and staff were able to talk outside. Some students stayed on site with their friends until gone midday. Others were assisted quickly with University entrance before going off to celebrate their successes.

Mrs Downs (Chair of Governors) said, “It is really pleasing once again to see the overwhelming majority of students gaining their first-choice university".

In common with all schools in Brentwood, Becket Keys are not announcing our A level results. However, there are many students who have exceeded expectations and secured fantastic grades in their A level subjects. We have shared some of their success stories here including our first two students to get to Cambridge University.

Emily Burr – Psychology, Exeter University

Rhiannon Barden: Pharmacy, UEA

Charlie Johnson Economics, Nottingham University


Charlie Courtney: Marketing, Florida Lynn

Harry Bull: Natural Sciences, Cambridge University

Kathryn Sheaf: Geography, Cambridge University

Emma Sanders: International Relations, London School of Economics

Josh Hollington: Computer Science, University of Essex

Archie Mowatt:

“I was on hold for 2 ½ hours to see if I was able to obtain a place on my chosen course. I was so grateful to all the teachers who stayed and supported me during this stressful time. I now have a place at Nottingham University to Study Politics and International Relations.”

Oliver Legon: Aero Space Engineering, Nottingham University

Oliver Harvey: Level 7 Accountancy Apprenticeship at BDO based in Baker Street

Rachel Davison: 

“ I am so relieved to get the results I needed to study History and Spanish at Exeter at my first choice university!”

Katie McCarthy: Degree Marketing Apprenticeship. Pharmaceutical Company

Katie Ince: 

“ I was so nervous to open my results envelope, but I am now ecstatic to learn that I have the grades required to pursue my dream of studying Music & Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester!”

Aeryn Fletcher: Film Making at Brighton