Curriculum: 6th Form

6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 English
Term 1 and 2Component 4 - Non-Examination Unit    
In preparation for writing their coursework piece on a comparison of two texts of their choice, on a topic of their choice, students will be explicitly taught about planning, researching, plagiarism, contextual information, including wider reading and analytical style in writing. There will be time for students to research, plan and write in lessons with teacher supervision and support. Further work on narrative style and language style will be incorporates in preparation for writing their piece.
Assessment: Non-examination unit - 20% of the overall A Level qualification. Draft deadline in November. Final deadline in January. Key Words and Terms
Term 1 and 2 Component 1 - Drama - Othello    
Students will study aspects of the form of drama via 'Othello', by William Shakespeare. Students will need to explore the use of literary and dramatic devices and the shaping of meanings in the play. Wider reading should address the significance and influence of contextual factors and engage with different interpretations of the play. Students' study of Shakespeare should be enhanced by engagement with critical writing, including the reading of 'Shakespeare: A critical anthology- Tragedy'
Assessment: Exam style questions requiring essay responses.Key Words and Terms
Term 2 and 3 Component 3 - Poetry - Post 2000 Specified Poetry    
Students will finish the remainder of the poems that are specified by the board from the Forward Book of Poetry and will also explore unseen poetry from a range of contemporary writers. Students will be shown examples of exam style essays and will complete group planning and writing of mock essays before the summer exams. Close scrutiny of the mark scheme and planning of numerous questions will accompany the scheme and provide support in preparation for final exams.
Assessment: Mock Exams in Term 2 and Term 4. Regular practice of exam style essays. Key Words and Terms
Term 2 and 3Component 3 - Poetry - Specified Poetry from Pre or Post 1900   
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 4 and 5 Revision for A Level Examinations    
A Level teachers will host a range of revision lessons and activities which will re-enforce and develop essay writing skills. Pupils will need to bring all of their set texts and revision materials for discussion in lessons, group planning and practice essays.
Assessment: Regularly scheduled essays and plans monitored and marked across both terms. Key Words and Terms