Curriculum: 6th Form

6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 Further Maths
Term 3Decision 1
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 4Further Mechanics  
Further Mechanics 1 Momentum and impulse (part 2) Elastic strings and springs and elastic energy Elastic collisions in two dimensions Momentum as a vector (i, j problems) • Impulse-momentum principle in vector form • Hooke’s law and definition of modulus of elasticity. Derivation of elastic potential energy formula. • Problem solving: equilibrium and using the work-energy principle • Oblique impact of a smooth sphere with a fixed surface Successive oblique impacts of a sphere with smooth plane surfaces • Oblique impact of two smooth spheres of equal radius
Assessment: Each topic is assessed through a 50 minute internal test. Assessment of Further Mechanics 1 is through a 90 minute exam at the end of the course, contributing 25% of the Further Mathematics A level.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Revision
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Terms 1 and 2Core Pure 2
Assessment: Key Words and Terms