Curriculum: 6th Form

6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 Mandarin
Term 1Work and Leisure    
Key focus The importance of leisure Leisure and well being The role of technology in work and leisure Grammar Connectives Formal register in writing Application letter Notice Announcement Chinese idioms: 胸有成竹,打草惊蛇,如鱼得水,青出于蓝,志同道合 Culture Paper: Film Analysis ‘The Blue Kite’
Assessment: Writing & Listening Key Words and Terms
Term 2 & Term 3 Equality of Oppportunity    
Key focus Family/ personal connections Barriers to promotion Comparison between urban and rural China in terms of opportunities Changes in equality over time Gender and equality of employment opportunity Fairness of selection in education and employment Positive impacts of equality of opportunities Chinese idioms: the rest of them Grammar revision Culture Paper: Book analysis ‘Chronicles of a blood merchant’ & Song of Everlasting Sorrow – A tale of shanghai. Analysis and reference to Chinese culture
Assessment: School Mock Key Words and Terms
Term 4Revision and Exam Preparation   
Key focus Revision and exam techniques Essay writing Past papers Chinese idioms revision Culture Paper: Revisit Founding of the PRC and Economic trends post 1978. Past papers and exam technique
Assessment: School mockKey Words and Terms