Curriculum: 6th Form

6th Form Curriculum Guide - Year 13 PSHCE
Being An Informed Citizen
In this unit students will consider how to be a responsible, informed citizen through their lives.British Values will be discussed.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Students will be exploring aspects of mindfulness techniques and encourages students to develop self-awareness so that they can take more control of their own well-being.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Citizenship - Why Vote?
As students turn 18 they are eligible to vote and students will be encouraged to register to vote and have the voting process explained to them.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Future Choices
Students are supported in making decisions about Post-Sixth Form options and we work closely with external agencies to deliver presentations to inform students about the choices they can make for university, apprenticeships, how student finance works and the opportunities for gap year activities.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms