Curriculum: Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 Mandarin
Term 1Recap previous knowledge and Neighbourhood and region   
To be able to use previous knowledge to describe self, family & friends; free time activity; my studies.
Assessment: Listening, reading and writing assessmentsKey Words and Terms
Term 2Free time activities   
To be able to talk/write daily routine; discussing hobbies and interested, occupations and future ambitions.
Assessment: Writing and speakingKey Words and Terms
Term 3Home, town and local area  
Students to be able to ask/give directions and to express free time in wider context, expressing preferences using different time frames.
Assessment: Listening and speaking assessment Key Words and Terms
Term 4Travel and tourism   
To be able to use a range of adjectives to talk about holidays and express holiday preferences using experiences suffix.
Assessment: Reading and speaking exam.Key Words and Terms
Term 5Identity, health and social issues  
To be able to understand and talk about health issues and discuss lifestyle
Assessment: Reading and writing exam Key Words and Terms
Term 6Customs and festivals    
To understand how Chinese people celebrate their festivals and its traditions
Assessment: Listening, speaking, reading and writing using GCSE past papers.Key Words and Terms