Curriculum: Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 11 PSHCE
British Values
Students will discuss and re-cap each British value, focusing on how each value has an impact on life in the School and local community. Students will consider how to be a responsible, informed citizen through their lives.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Life Balance
In this unit students learn about the challenges many people face in creating a 'balanced life' and will explore their own ideas about what makes for a happy successful life.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
SRE - Marriage and Raising Children
n this unit students will explore lifelong relationships and marriage. They will learn about successful relationships, and will also consider abuse within relationships.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Exam Preparation
In this unit, students will explore a wide variety of revision techniques and be given the opportunity to experiment in order to discover which best suit their style of learning. They will be given the opportunity to create a revision timetable, which will become a working document that is frequently revised. Time management techniques will be discussed. Tips for remaining physically and emotionally health during the exam period will be discussed and will include; healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, relaxation techniques and sleep routines.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Study Leave
During this time students have time to work and revise independently and responsibly. Students will be taught have to revise and work efficiently and effectively before study leave begins.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms