Curriculum: Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Guide - Year 10 Spanish
Term 1 and 2Intereses e influencias (Higher course)
Theme- Identity and culture Talking about free time and activities. Talking about TV programs and films. Talking about what you usually do. About what’s trending. Discussing different types of entertainment. Talking about who inspires who. Listening for different tenses Using words which have more than one meaning. Adopting a model dialogue to fit different situations. Grammar: Using stem changing verbs Definite and indefinite articles. Using adjectives and nationality. Using soler + infinitive Using todavia + imperfect Using ya and todavia with the perfect tense. Using imperfect, preterite and perfect tenses. Using all tenses together.
Assessment: Key Words and Terms
Term 3 and 4 Ciudades (Higher course) 
Town region and country. Travel and tourism. Talking about shops. Describing the features of a region. Planning what to do Shopping for clothes and presents. Talking about problems in town. Describing a visit in the past. Explaining preferences Using synonyms and antonyms. Recognising and using idioms. Grammar: Negatives:…tampoco. Using usted. Using se puede and se pueden. Using the future tense. Si + preset + future Using demonstrative adjectives Using tan and tanto Using conditional Using different tenses together
Assessment: Term 3: Writing and translating. Term 4: Writing, reading, translation, speaking and listening. Key Words and Terms
Term 5 and 6De costumbre (Higher course)
Theme: Local area, holiday and travel. Describing meal times Taking about the daily routine Talking about illnesses and injuries Asking for help in a pharmacy Talking about typical foods Using the passive Spotting words which indicate an increase/decrease Comparing different festivals Avoiding the passive Paying attention to question words Describing a special day Using reflexive verbs in the preterite Inferring meaning in literary texts Ordering in a restaurant Using absolute superlatives Spotting irregular verb patterns in the preterite Talking about a music festival Using expressions followed by the infinitive Adding interest when narrating a story
Assessment: First mock exam Units 1 to 6Key Words and Terms