Curriculum - Economics


Economics is a subject that examines how scarce resources are allocated to different people and societies. Our curriculum allows our students to have a greater understanding of the economic world and allow them to have a real ability to apply economic theories/concepts to their everyday life, aiding them to make better informed decisions. Here at BKS, we offer a diverse, high quality curriculum which caters for our highly academic students at KS5. This is an academic subject which challenges our students to think deeply about a range of topics to allow them to confidently discuss and evaluate using a range of different perspectives.

At BKS, our Economics students should:

  • Be able to analyse and evaluate economics problems
  • Be able to test, predict and evaluate a range of economics problems by appreciating and questioning the under lying key assumptions
  • Should engage within the economy as it happens
  • Engage and have opinions on the choices made by the 3 economics agents
  • Be politically informed
  • Understand how behavioural economics impacts political and social decisions undertaken by economic agents and identify the rationale behind this decision making process
  • Critical of individual decisions and be tolerant of the different perspectives.

This is a varied subject that opens the doors of opportunity for all students, regardless of their backgrounds by providing an inclusive economic programme. Our students are as much involved in our classrooms as they outside of the classroom. We strive to encourage engage with the economic environment through various competitions, talks and clubs such as the Student Investor Challenge, the RES Essay Competition and having regular various talks from industry experts. We strive to build lifelong learners that take away from the classroom their knowledge and their thirst for knowledge and use it in their lives practically by challenging social norms.